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BadConsultant hereby apologizes for momentary radio silence

[11 million documents is a LOT to review for potential incriminating insights]

While we do so, however, let’s take a spin down the LinkedIn updates feed and see what catches our interest…

Oh, this BadConsultant doesn’t believe he can scroll much further

[my eyes! my EYESSSSSS!!!!]

How to get more applicants?

How to manage more applicants?

How to get less applicants?

How to get applicants to fire themselves?

How to get diverse applicants?

How to…

How to…

How to…

Then I see an update from a Chief Learning Officer, describing  a great opportunity in her team

[seriously, a GREAT opportunity]

But she doesn’t put a link in. Nor mention where the posting is online. In fact, there’s not even mention of how to apply.


[learning professionals don’t talk to recruiters]

Well, wouldn’t want anyone being able to apply now, would we?

Or learning how to do things better?