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Think of it as your investment in my thinking about what you need to do…

Hello BadConsultants!

Yes, I’ve been active for a few days now (and billing since Day 1, obviously), mainly getting the hang of WordPress and, in doing so, porting over selected lifts from I know that means you’re getting to see content that’s already published but I think you’ll find the time I spent learning these new tools was worth your investment.

Our five-year strategic plan has tactical implementation agendae to utilize the blogosphere for calculated deployment of live interactive content on a somewhat regularly leveraged input basis.

[Note: incomprehensible sentences are cool, people really think you know what you’re talking about.]

What’s BadConsultant all about? The incendiary mix of needy, desperate client and predatory consultant.

Or in other words, when consultants go bad…

More seriously – the world of work has enormous – did I say enormous? I meant to say titanic…

[Note: hyperbole, hyperbole, hyperbole]

… the world of work has titanically enormous opportunities to add value to the world at large and the sheep, sorry, colleagues within the organization. Except every day, we see needy, desperate clients who have more than enough money to buy in the consultants – both parties commencing then to do everything that doesn’t need to be done – at the long term expense of the people who could have solved things easier, cheaper and with less downtime: customers and colleagues.

Ah, clients leveraging consultants leveraging clients leveraging consultants…

[Note: leverage is a really good consulting word]

Time to lift the lid, I think.

So, if at any point something resonates with you – even better, if you have an example to share – why not drop it here in a comment? I’ll ask you to be careful not to write anything that defames an individual or company but other than that, we can have some fun.