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There is safety in faceless elegance

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Web forums. Discussion boards. Blogs. In-house, online newspapers.

[!Oxymoron alert! Doesn’t matter, so long as Executives can visualize what they already know. So, keep it oxy-moronic]

All those forums. A communication guru’s wet dream. Finally, the mechanism by which the masses can be in contact with each other regardless of their executive’s control mechanisms. Here, the method by which a senior exec can bypass the disastrous, historic pedantry of the

[deep breath]

communication cascade.

Finally, the masses would talk.

Only they didn’t. They don’t. They rant and rave, they make astounding claims, they offer slicing insight. So deep is their passion for the subject and belief in the certainty of their words that they will take on any subject. Nothing is off limits.

[double negatives are always fun – transparent obfuscation]

These are committed campaigners, passionate advocates… These people are

[an image of Kirk Douglas flits through the mind’s eye – impressive executive chin]

willing to stand up and be counted, yelling ‘I’m Spartacus!’ at the Roman oppressors. Yes, these are the modern warriors, using open channels of communication to grow the collective consciousness, to contribute to the greater good and offer their services to the best of their colleague compatriots.

And proudly, they write their name.


We at badconsultant know something about keeping our face hidden from public view. There is, undoubtedly, power in the pen – the power of the written word. And something liberating about undermining the prevailing winds of political correctness to write some stuff that may be, even if just slightly, close to the mark.

How many words go unwritten for the fear they may be deemed unacceptable?

How many asterisks appearing in the words f***, s***, c*** and bulls***?

So, we’re not maligning the practice of anonymous posting – no way, no how.

However, we will take issue with the anonymous posters who choose to use the freedom they are provided to write incoherent, railing rants at the powers that be – spelling poorly and using endless CAPITALIZED WORDS with multiple PUNCTUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then sign it off with a smiley :o)

Please, with the opening of the world wide web and these mechanisms that give you unprecedented ability to share your opinion

[and remember, the only place you get paid to share your opinion is consultancy]

be thoughtful to your readers. If you want to rant, rant… Just don’t present yourself as a moronic opinion-head, like a two year old rolling around on the floor, hammering fists against the carpet and screaming “IT’S NOT FAAAAAAAIRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You have a brain, don’t embarrass yourself by choosing not to use it.

So, dear Anonymous, think on this… Many oppressed people have lost their lives to perpetuate the presence of a free press. You have access to the power of free speech.

Why the hell do you use that power to throw a tantrum worthy of a two-year old toddler?