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Come on over and join us…

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We’ve been having some fun on twitter and thought we’d share our past few weeks. If you’re a twitterer, then come on over and join us. So, here we are (most recent first)…

Differentially maximizing the leverage consideration opportunities… NOW!

Searching for the glimmer of innovation in the morass of “if it’s all right by you…”

Gathering information, drawing inference, identifying insights… selling it right back to dumb, rich clients

Mountains require crampons, ropes, ice-axes, a high degree of strength and not a little helping of cojones – happy climbing!

Level-setting the group mind-set compromise… NOW!

Obtaining result optimaxitude through human interface exactamentization connectability.

Testing the pepperoni quotient in a double-blind, alcohol induced frenzy (kalamata olives as placebo)

Confabulating critical creativity crises

Momentumizing the collective inertia paradox equilibrium.

is manipulating the space-time continuum to bring enlightenment to pre-industrial age executives – quantum mechanics ahoy!

Badconsultant is shifting the locus of control to gain some leverage…

Mobilically invigorated


Off to bed to dream of contracts future

At home