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You say yes, I say no
You say stop and I say go, go, go
A short meditation today, my learned friends, on the joys of navigating our paradoxical corporate world.

Innovation… But only if you can sell it past the enshrined culture.

Growth… But only if you can not make it sound like it’s not a new idea to me.

One slide only… But don’t expect me to take any action until you can completely reassure me I’m not at risk.

Inclusion… But make sure you wear a tie like the rest of us.

Agile, nimble, flexible… But make sure you follow a structured communication cascade.

Team player… Just give me my bonus.

Breakthrough thinking… Just leave the box intact, eh?

Take us somewhere different… Just make sure you close the door on the way out.

[so many opportunities… so, so many, lovely, smootchy opportunities…]

Come on, consulting bretheren… Add to the list. We dare you.