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In What if – Part I, we introduced the term ‘economic soufflé’ – you might have wondered why? Well, now that we’re into year 2 of the end of capitalism as we know it

[we feel fine]

we’re beginning to enjoy watching the cable news networks come up with new ways to retread ground that’s already been trodden by herds of elephants carrying wildebeest on their backs. Remember when Obama played with ‘Crisis’ or ‘Catastrophe’? Remember when it was ‘economic meltdown’. Well, each time the media thought they’d got a new word to describe the bottom it just kept on digging.

So, anyone for a game of ‘economic <fill in the blank here>’?

We’ve started the ball rolling with soufflé, though just for fun we’ll give you some more: Economic…

  • decapitalcrunchilization
  • gorgonzola
  • rabies

Come on, we know you can try to do better than that (and probably aren’t as fixated on cheese as badconsultant is right now).


PS: There was always destined to be a PS to this post – Sometime soon, somebody is going to realize what this really is: economic rebirth. ‘Nuff said. Adieu.