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… just turned up to find you here… with that sad look upon your face

[careful, when the badconsultant boogies, no-one’s safe]

Well, haven’t I been off in the clouds for a while?

If you read my New Year’s Eve post, you’ll remember that I predicted 2009 would bring some interesting work and indeed it’s turning out that way. Jigsaw pieces are clicking into place, mechanisms are turning, sense is emerging from nonsense, s*** is indeed hitting fans.

Getting some things built and ready has taken quite a bit of time, but you’ll be glad to hear that most of the heavy lifting has now been done and I’ll be back to writing

[and helping you take the red pill]

more regularly very soon.

In the next couple of days, I’ll be launching the Strengths Springboard (the manifesto is available now if you want to sign up).

Around the same time, I’ll be doing something a little odd. Sharing a ‘Big Idea’ (i.e. one which could potentially make a lot of money for whoever brings it to life) openly on the web. There’s a high likelihood that I may get nothing back for doing so. I’ll even consult about it. Happily. It’ll be the first of many such experiments in letting ideas loose in the world. Stay tuned here or at Twitter to hear more about that.

Letting ideas loose in the world.

It is time to confound the reality we’ve all taken for granted for too long. It is time to take the red pill.

And in the meantime

[Cue disco ball]

won’t you join me in a little boogie?

First I was afraid… I was petrified…