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A little earlier this year, BadConsultant launched Jobinions. A free service/discussion forum where people could share opinions on companies as either an employee or as an interviewee.

[and, for full disclosure, I don’t make any money from Jobinions – yes, it is possible that some people aren’t commoditizing everything]

The spirit of Jobinions is quite simple – tell it like it is. From the Jobinions front page:

... life’s too short to work for crap companies. They can damage your health, wealth and happiness and strip you of your potential to do your very best work. We want you to know what it’s like working for any company. And the best people to tell it like it is are the people working there already and others who have interviewed with the company.

We created Jobinions because there was nowhere to tell it like it is.

Jobinions is founded on the belief that the working world can be better and that we can help each other make great career decisions.

Jobinions is pretty easy to use – a quick sign up process, answer a few core questions on the company and you’re in, simple as that. There’s no personal information shared on the site and, I guarantee, the identity of community members will remain confidential (provided they don’t get into libel/slander).

Quite a few people signed up and created accounts. When I recently advertised Jobinions on Google Adwords, even more people signed up.


Only 5 people have left a Jobinion, so far (not counting my initial example). There’s good stuff in those Jobinions – particularly about one major accounting firm.

I am a firm believer that the war for talent has been won by the talent – and Jobinions was built on the basis that it’s OK to have an opinion about your employer – that each of us owns our career and can be proactive in getting to do more of what we do best every day.

Yet, from the many users, only 5 Jobinions in 5 months. Why the reticence?

I did a little bit of digging, searching and reading and came across Laurie Reuttiman’s

[who is a goddess – follow what she says – laugh at her blog – marvel at how remarkably cute she is in all her pictures and… er… make sure you spay and neuter your cats, right Laurie?]

entry about Jobinions which had generated some of the users. And there was a comment that just plain made me go ‘huh?’

To quote:

Even though the post is entitled “Humor,” I’d recommend that folks NOT use Jobinions – your current or potential employer might not see the humor that you do.

Or, for God’s sake, don’t use your real name, email address or URL.

The recession makes grumpy, humorless jerks out of more people than you realize.


[see, I told you]


“I’d recommend that folks not use Jobinions…”

because your qualification for saying so is that you’re paranoid about employers not seeing the joke?


Getting past that sort of confrontational, win-lose, serf-master employment relationship is exactly WHY I created Jobinions – it’s time to transcend the BS of the 20th century ‘modern’ organization

[read the manifesto at]

and put the people who create the value on the footing they deserve.

Yet even with that intent, I have the simple fact that people (many people) have signed up and created profiles – yet only 5 Jobinions have been posted. Is paranoia rampant? I don’t believe so. Reluctance to use discussion boards? Er… I won’t dignify myself with an answer to that one. Mistrust of ye olde BadConsultant? Maybe.

But at the base of it all (as I discuss at the Strengths Springboard), is that I believe the majority of people haven’t woken up to the fact that the ‘modern’ organization is near dead in the water, out of tricks, unprepared for a world where the East is faster and cheaper, the West is demanding and fickle, and value is created from ideas not reproducible, scalable manufacturing processes.

And why haven’t they woken up?

Because it’s been easier and safer to collude with the mythology. Though it may look, feel, sound, smell and taste like it, it’s not fear, not really – it’s laziness.

GM, AIG, Chrysler…

The mythology is crumbling before your eyes.

So come on over to Jobinions and tell it like it is – it’s time to build a different future – one where it’s cool to work at something you love doing and be respected, rewarded and celebrated for doing just that.