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A little over a year ago, we carried out our our proprietary literature search to inform Difficult Truths, Too Big to Swallow – Part I. We updated the search in November. Here’s the latest installment. As of this evening (November, April in parens), percent gain since original search:

* Change Management: 65,689 (57,604; 47,416) +38%

* Business Strategy: 72,959 (64,603; 56,102) +30%

* Organization Culture: 32,944 (28,965; 23,956) +38%

* Talent Management: 10,426 (8,970; 7,206) +45%

* People Management: 48,019 (41,848; 33,011) +45%

* Leadership: 350,084 (302,959; 256,503) +36%

What do these stats tell us? Nothing much, just that there are many more people writing books about business than actually being successful in business… All this really good advice and still the nature of commerce and capitalism has taken a nose-dive.

And now, we want to introduce the grand-daddy (or -mummy to be truly diverse) of literature search stats. As of this evening, number of books found on searching for the word ‘management’…

Wait for it…


Wait a second, let’s give that the emphasis it deserves…


[nearly a million books on management and most organizations still scramble to get the basics right – sheesh!]

Cause for hope? Look at talent management and people management, finally making the catch-up run on the home stretch. Maybe organizations are finally beginning to get what it’s all about.