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Hi everyone, BadConsultant has been busy launching a number of online forums, some of which I’ve mentioned here, but some I haven’t – the latest one (my most interesting experiment) went live this last weekend.

I thought I’d summarise what’s been going on so that everything’s in one place:

1) Jobinions – Tell it like it is (launched January, 2009)

Jobinions is essentially a consumer review site dedicated to working at, and interviewing for, companies. My aim in building out the Jobinions community and reference resource is to provide an open resource to help talented people make good career decisions. There isn’t any angle, or vested interest (I’m not selling job postings, or user data, for example), it’s just my own little way of changing the world of work.

2) The Strengths Springboard (launched June, 2009)

The Springboard is my companion ‘product’ for the individual conversion to strengths-based working. I’m a huge fan (and, yes, believer) in a personal commitment to doing what you do best at work, however have come to recognize over the past few years that the majority of organizations actually don’t want that to happen. The manifesto document (The Strengths Springboard – Is your organization ready?) took me a few months to research and write and ultimately describes 5 organization beliefs of strengths-based organizations and how they can get coded into behaviors, processes and systems. Alongside the manifesto, there are discussion forums and, over time, I’ll be adding diagnostic tools, etc. to help members assess their own organizations.

3) Too Busy Hiring (launched June, 2009)

Too Busy Hiring is a somewhat light-hearted entry into Strategic Workforce Planning, through the lens of the tireless recruitment/ staffing/ talent acquisition professional – a quick 10-question assessment leads to a read-out of symptoms and potential solutions. Oh, and of course, you get a score to compare with the overall database – have some fun there and drop me a line if you want to discuss further.

4) We Are Story (launched July, 2009)

This is my grand experiment, away from the business world. I write a lot and have published a couple of novels – later this year, I’ll be publishing my latest book online (for free!) – and if you’ve done any serious amount of writing, you’ll know it can get pretty lonely – and a little weird being locked up in your own head. Earlier this year, I was flying to Phoenix and read the whole of Seth Godin’s ‘Tribes’ while sitting in Providence airport waiting for my flight out. Halfway through the book, I came up with the idea which eventually became We Are Story – the idea was pretty much fully formed immediately and it’s pretty much as I imagined it. Simply put, We Are Story is a single story told in pods of max. 5000 characters (around 500 words) by whoever feels like writing it. I’ve started the story rolling and am now getting people to join. All writing can be rated and commented, so it’ll become a social forum over time. I’m really excited by We Are Story – it’s truly and experiment.

So, if you wonder why BadConsultant hasn’t been as vociferous recently, you’ve now got the reason – why don’t you come along to learn, teach and, perhaps, do a little story-telling too?

Vince (BadConsultant)