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OK – time to bring things up to date – it’s around 5 months since we updated the list, so let’s see just how much paper has been wasted stating the obvious:

  • Change Management: 69,481 (65,689; 57,604; 47,416) +46%
  • Business Strategy: 71,284 (72,959; 64,603; 56,102) +27%
  • Organization Culture: 34,851 (32,944; 28,965; 23,956) +45%
  • Talent Management: 11,138 (10,426; 8,970; 7,206) +55%
  • People Management: 50,711 (48,019; 41,848; 33,011) +53%
  • Leadership: 371,927 (350,084; 302,959; 256,503) +45%
  • Management: 981,451 (960,499; Not measured; Not measured) +2.2%

So, what does our cross-indexing thematic meta-analytic framework study tell us?


Well, it appears that the tried and tested, traditional stuff (management, strategy, change management) are growing at a slightly slower rate than the newer disciplines of talent and people management – though personally this BadConsultant is a little disheartened to see Organization Culture not hitting the similar growth rates to talent and people

[though it does give us an idea about a book… “BadConsultant’s Guide to Building a Culture of Talented People” anyone? Anyone?]

Management books overall continue to creep towards the 1 million mark, and we can’t help but feel it fitting that at around the time that’s happening, the capitalist edifices that are the logical final extension of the 20th century’s adoration of growth through industrialized


expansion are crumbling left, right and centre; leaving the path open for those smart


organizations that have realized that talented people driving a culture that celebrates their healthy performance IS the competitive advantage.

Oh, and finally from the literature search, note the slight decrease of 1,700 or so books in Business Strategy… Artifact of Amazon’s cataloguing system, or just the shelf of strategy books pertaining to growing through sub-prime derivatives trading?

For now, BC is out – but will be back soon with a veritable litany of observation, inference, practice and learning.

Peace and love,


[and no, you won’t hear those two words spoken by very many of the companies that are buying many of the books above – which is why they will fail]