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It’s been about a year and half since I started running the stats* here, so let’s see what the latest state of play is:

  • Change Management: 71,213 (69,481; 65,689; 57,604; 47,416) +50%
  • Business Strategy: 72,892 (71,284; 72,959; 64,603; 56,102) +30%
  • Organization Culture: 35,597 (34,851; 32,944; 28,965; 23,956) +49%
  • Talent Management: 11,411 (11,138; 10,426; 8,970; 7,206) +58%
  • People Management: 51,856 (50,711; 48,019; 41,848; 33,011) +57%
  • Leadership: 382,312 (371,927; 350,084; 302,959; 256,503) +49%
  • Management: 999,177 (981,451; 960,499; Not measured; Not measured) +4%

* counts of books at

What can we say about the above? Well, it’s nice to see talent and people management growing the most here – but let’s be frank, that is from a crummy baseline.

So many books on leadership and management, and relatively fewer on business strategy and change management. A little bit of

[CNN, FOX, MSNBC take note]

specious analysis (Business Strategy/Change Management as a proportion of Leadership) – does the above really suggest that only 19% of leaders have an interest in business strategy and change management?

Or that only 5% of managers have an interest in people management? Or worst of all only 1% of managers have interest in talent management?!!

[and you read those stats online, so you know that they’re right, correct and true]

The final take-away from the above?

STOP writing books about management

[ENOUGH already!!!]

unless they’re focused on talent and people.

Now to start planning how I will celebrate MMB (Millionth Management Book) Day…

[CNN, FOX, MSNBC – I am willing to appear on your business segments to discuss the above research study]