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Well, much as we enjoyed the never-ending cocktail hour on our private island, it’s time for this BadConsultant to revisit the mainland for a short while.

[it was the LinkedIn discussion forums that did it, to be honest, but more of that in the next few days]

BC‘s first question on stepping off the yacht?

How’s the literature search going?

A quick jump over to Amazon and we find search results*

  • Change Management: 112,815, +140%
  • Business Strategy: 125,807, +124%
  • Organization Culture: 59,628, +148%
  • Talent Management: 10,281, +42%
  • Leadership: 181,868, -29%
  • Management: 982,567, +2%

*  book count at

Most interesting immediate knee-jerk inferences:

  1. have we finally reached peak-management-book?
  2. have people finally got bored reading about leadership when it’s manifestly absent in many executives?
  3. the relative blind-spot relating to talent management continues.

If you want more analysis, BC will be happy to provide a statement of work, for now however, we’ll be settling into our small

[yet ideally placed and exquisitely furnished]

pied-a-terre in the center of Manhattan, and idly browsing through the many


springboards provided at the LinkedIn discussion forums.

See you for cocktails tomorrow,