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Just thought we’d check…

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7 months’ ago, we carried out our proprietary literature search to inform Difficult Truths, Too Big to Swallow – Part I. We thought it timely now to update the search. Number of books in November (April in parens):

  • Change Management: 57,604 (47,416) +21%
  • Business Strategy: 64,603 (56,102) +15%
  • Organization Culture: 28,965 (23,956) +21%
  • Talent Management: 8,970 (7,206) +24%
  • People Management: 41,848 (33,011) +27%
  • Leadership: 302,959 (256,503) +18%

What do these stats tell us? Nothing much, just that there are many more people writing books about business than actually being successful in business… 46,456 books on leadership? Really? That’s a little over 6,500 per month.


The other thing it says is that, thought the rate of increase in books is pretty consistent around 21%, proportionately the one thing that can save the future of any business (talent management) is still phenomenally under-represented in the market.

[any publishers listening?]

We’ll be back in about 6 months to update the stats.