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… in 2009, we’re about to get real

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OK. It’s late on New Year’s eve. Or is that early on New Year’s Day. Maybe somewhere in-between the two.

And in that non-temporal, quasi-dimensional space BadConsultant finds a breath to let you know that we plan more and more good

[hyperbole, hyperbole, hyperbole]



astounding things in 2009, including (but not limited to):

  1. an organization culture self-assessment tool – based on questions that actually reflect the real world
  2. a team effectiveness quotient analysis framework – based on the s*** that people don’t want to talk about, but that really matters
  3. the rule of three applies to lists, so we added this one, though we don’t actually want to share what the 3rd is because it would truly

[reveal that we’re stealing from our competitors]

provide altogether too much insight into our intellectual property

Suffice to say, in 2009 our business plan calls for multiple observations of the absurdity of corporate ‘normality’


and the provision of multiple indicators of how simple it would be to radically change the agenda, all of which coupled to the tools, materials and resources to make the change happen.

[Please Note: the term ‘change’ has not been completely co-opted by the US President-elect, though we are in the process of pushing through patent protection rights so that the next time he says it, we’re ready to collect royalties… Nice…]

Dancing on the edge.

A mirror to complaceny.

BadConsultant… Bring s*** and fan together in 2009.