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If you read our new year post, you would know that we here at BadConsultant towers decided 2009 is the year to start the ball rolling.

[we aren’t the type to gather moss]

If you’ve been around us long enough, you’ll know we take great fun bringing s*** and fan together. Yes, we’ve had our fun trying to teach our consulting bretheren how to practice their art

[dearly beloved, we are gathered here to today to join this consultant with this beautifully proportioned statement of work]

and leaders and managers how best to actually do the right thing for their business. We certainly have had some fun. But we wanted to go further. And here’s where we ended up… Jobinions. Where we tell it like it is. Honestly. Transparently. With respect.

Because BadConsultant is committed to improving your life, and the place we all can, and should, start is where we spend the majority of our time – at work. It is time for companies to wake up

[you can’t hibernate your way to growth, even if there is an economic crisis to feed your denial]

and smell the coffee. The bolus of the boomers is moving through the system, the pressure of the global economy is forcing fault-lines of competition deep into many corporations. The challenge has never been greater. And the solution rests in one place. People. Nothing else.


Got that?


And that’s where Jobinions comes in. Because we don’t believe that working life has to be the masochism that we’ve been led to believe. It is possible to enjoy your work. To enjoy your job. To enjoy your colleagues. And more than that, it is possible for companies to actually believe that your talent is something they should solicit, encourage and reward. So, Jobinions is here for you to help others know just whether your company, or a company you interviewed with, is living up to the challenge.

We want you to tell it like it is. Honestly. Transparently. With respect. Dish the dirt. What works? What doesn’t? Where does your company get it just right? And where do they act like making you want to work there is the last thing they ever wanted to do? Do leaders inspire you? Does your manager want you to succeed? Do you find joy with your team-mates even in the hardest of times?

C’mon… What do you really want to share about your company? Tell it like it is and share your Jobinion today.

Together, we can reshape the world of work. – Tell it like it is!